Loanhead Children’s Gala Day


The Crowning and Gala Day is Saturday 22nd June 2019

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Despite being one of the largest local festivals in Scotland, Loanhead Children’s Day and Gala Week are organised by a very small committee, the membership of which has now dropped to around 7 people. If this much loved tradition is to be maintained in our town, it is essential that more people come forward to help with planning, organisational and fundraising tasks.

Cutbacks in the assistance provided by Midlothian Council and other bodies for public events of this type is placing an even greater emphasis on voluntary help from the community if our annual festivities are to continue at anything approaching the scale to which we have become accustomed.

It is appreciated that whilst many people are not terribly keen to serve on committees, there are some who may be willing to help out in a practical manner when events are actually taking place. The Gala Committee, in conjunction with the Loanhead Community Development Association, has therefore established a Loanhead Community Events Support Team.

This comprises volunteers who are willing to help out at large community events, not only during the Gala Week but also on occasions such as the Street Fair, the Fireworks Display and the switch on of the Christmas Lights. For this year’s Gala Week we urgently require to hear from volunteers who could assist with a variety of tasks including the following:-

Stewarding at the Carnival Parade.

Stewarding at the Fun Run.

Helping to run the Sports.

Set up tasks at Fountain Green and in the Memorial Park on the morning of Children’s Day.

Stewarding and related tasks at Fountain Green, on the parade route and in the Memorial Park on Children’s Day

If you can help with any of these tasks or if you are interested in becoming part of the Loanhead Community Events Support Team, please contact Alan McLaren by telephone on 0131 440 3830 or by emailing

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