Gala Patrons 2017

Everyone interested in supporting Loanhead Children’s Gala Day is invited to join our Patrons Scheme. For an annual minimum donation of £10 (or whatever sum above that which you may wish to contribute) you will be listed as a Patron in the Gala Programme and on the Gala Website. Please note the programme/website listing will show the name and town of residence of the Patron, but will not disclose the address of the Patron or any other contact details. Patrons will also receive a complimentary copy of the Gala Programme.


To become a Patron, please send your payment together with your name, address and postcode to Alan McLaren, 23 Polton Road, Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9BU. For further information on the Patron’s Scheme, please telephone Alan on 0131 440 3830.




Hilary Abbott, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1997)

David Adams, Loanhead

Eileen Allen, Bonnyrigg (Queen 1962)

John & Marilyn Archibald, Loanhead

Robert & Elizabeth Armour, Loanhead

Sean Baillie, Loanhead (Herald 1998)

Jennifer Bernard, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2014)

William Bernard, Loanhead

Elizabeth Brown, London

Roy Buntin, Loanhead

Susie Burns, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2007)

Mary Burt, Loanhead

Elizabeth Carmichael CBE, Loanhead (Queen 1960)

William Cherrie, Loanhead

Anna Conway, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs E. Corson, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs W. Cossar, Loanhead

Mrs Claire Craig, Edinburgh (Crowning Lady 1998)

The Crosbie Kids, Loanhead

William Currie, Glasgow

David Dalgetty OBE, Loanhead

George Dalgetty, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs M. De Lorey, Penicuik

David & Pamela Dobbie, Loanhead

The Duffield Family, Loanhead

Rev Graham Duffin, Loanhead

Jane Duffin, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2013)

John Duffy, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs A. Easton, Loanhead

Isobel Erskine, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1991)

Mrs Mary Gilhooley, Newtongrange (Queen 1950)

Girlguiding Loanhead

Sandra Goodall, Loanhead

Mrs Bridget Gordon Hill, Milngavie (Queen 1947)

Ann Gray, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2010)

Lily Gray, Loanhead

Nan Haddow, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1989)

Linda Heggie, Edinburgh (Crowning Lady 2016)

Karin Henrikson, Loanhead

Jessie Hogg, Loanhead

Mrs Ruth Hoggan, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1993)

Drummond Humphries, Loanhead

Margaret Humphries, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1994)

Mr I (Mose) Hutchison, Penicuik (ex MacTaggart Scott)

James Hyslop, Loanhead

Bobby Jack, Loanhead

Peter Jack, Shaldon, Devon

Mr & Mrs R. Johnstone, Loanhead

Alex Jones, Loanhead (Herald 1962)

James Kerr, Loanhead

Andrew Kinninment, Morpeth (Herald 1955)

The Lang Family, Loanhead

Mrs Margaret Liddle, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1976)

Loanhead Bowling Club

Loanhead Disco Dancers

Mrs Norah Lonie, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs A. McHale, Loanhead

Denise & Daniel McHale, Loanhead

David McIntosh, Loanhead (Crown Bearer 1979)

Mr & Mrs K. McIntosh, Penicuik

Linda Mackay, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs R. Mackay, Loanhead

Lillias McKean, Loanhead

Forbes Mackenzie, Penicuik

Alan McLaren, Loanhead (Herald 1970)

Anne McLaren, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1999)

Audrey McLaren, Loanhead

Mrs Muriel McLaren, Loanhead

Aileen McLennan, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2008)

Stuart McLennan, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs W. McMillan, Loanhead

Mrs Joeann McNeill, Loanhead

Mrs Wendy McQueen, Loanhead

Mrs Janet Mills, Loanhead

Professor Elspeth Milne, Dolphinton

Yvonne Moffat, Auchendinny

Eric Monteith, Loanhead

Mrs Heather Monteith, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2009)

One to One Beauty Therapy (Audrey Harrison), Loanhead

Mr & Mrs A. Ormiston, Loanhead

Mrs Agnes Paterson, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs D. Paton, Loanhead

Annette Perfect, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2012)

Ross Perfect, Loanhead

Keith & Sara Pettigrew, Loanhead

Mr & Mrs R. Preston, Loanhead

Faith Pullin, Loanhead

Brenda Purcell, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1996)

George Purcell, Loanhead

Mary Quinn, Aberdour (Queen 1968)

Mrs Elizabeth Raeburn, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1971)

Sheena Richardson, Loanhead

Glenn & Terri-Ann Rogers, Loanhead

Mhairi Ross (Queen 2014) & Family, Damhead

Maureen Ryce, Loanhead (Queen 1954)

Chrissie Rygula, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 2011)

June & Alex Savage, Loanhead

John Sharp, Port Seton (Herald 1966)

Jessie Sinton, Auchendinny

Chrissie Smith, Loanhead

Ian Smith, Loanhead

Irene & Cameron Smith, Loanhead

Jack Smith BEM, Errol

Joan Smith (Crowning Lady 2000)

The Speedie Family, Loanhead

Andrew Stewart, Roslin

Angela Stewart (Sports Champion 1960, 61 & 62, Crowning Lady 1986)

John Stirling, Loanhead

Jeff Stoddart, Penicuik

Margaret Stoddart, Penicuik (Crowning Lady 1973)

John & Betty Strang, Loanhead

Mrs Violet Sutherland, Loanhead

Mrs J. Tansey, Loanhead

Mrs Margaret Thompson, Loanhead

Margaret Timms, Kinross (Queen 1964)

Ian Todman, Loanhead (Herald 1968)

Sandra Valentine, Loanhead

Alex Veitch, Loanhead

Elizabeth Veitch, Loanhead (Crowning Lady 1987)

John & Agnes Veitch, Loanhead

Anne Walker, Bonnyrigg

Linda Welsh, Loanhead

Mrs Florence Wilson, Loanhead

Claire Wood, Loanhead (Queen 2007)