Street Traders


As a lot of you may have noticed over the last few years during the Gala Week particularly on the Fancy Dress night and on the Gala Day a few street traders appear selling balloons, silly string, spay hair colour and toys from pull along barrows, PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, ESPECIALLY SILLY STRING OR SPRAY HAIR COLOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This causes no end of mess in the streets  which the council have to try to clean up and can cause damage to cars paintwork if sprayed on them. We as a committee have banned these items from the Memorial Park and Fountain Green but because these people have what’s known as a Hawkers Licence they can sell this stuff at exorbitant prices and the Gala Day does not invite them or encourage them to be here. The Gala Day receives NO donation from them and nor would we want to as we feel they are way to expensive.

Please  parents do not encourage your children to buy anything from them. If anyone comes into the Memorial Park or Fountain Green at a Gala Event and they have Silly String or Spray Hair Colour they will be asked not to use it.